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Disclaimer: as with any database, this one is bound to be imperfect. Please help correct mistakes and account for changes in the industry via the submission form.

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Usage Tips

Search Help

When searching with the Bio Keyword, Firm, Name, Title, City, or Zip fields, any space between words acts as an OR operator unless words are enclosed via parentheses ("like this"). In order to run a search using AND, include a "+" before each word such as the following Bio Keyword search: +cornell +healthcare. In order to run an AND search that includes a phrase, add parentheses around the phrase, such as: +cornell +("healthcare services"). Add "*" to a search as the "wildcard" operator, such as: Matt* in the Name field to return every Matt, Matthew, Mattias, etc. The NOT operator is non-functional in this version, as are City and Zip AND searches. Stay tuned. Also, if you're not seeing all the search fields mentioned here, click on "More Options" to the right of the search button to open up a slew of addtional search features.

Use Cases:

Entrepreneurs Seeking Financing

(1) Local money has the highest probability of success. Run a search using your city or state to get an idea of who's in your backyard.
(2) Find connections that generate warm leads. The Bio search field is key here. Feed it your college school name, your company's sector (e.g., media, healthcare), the Fortune 500 company you used to work for, etc. and VCDB will return every VC with your search term in their bio.
(3) Narrow a result set via the Investment Detail search tools. A subset of firms publicly list investment parameters and assets under management so don't rely exclusively on such searches, but you'll find it useful to see that your ask fits within a firm's investment window. Do recognize, however, that Maximum Investment can mean "over time" in a single company (ie., the firm might be willing to put in $20 million over the course of a few rounds, but not all at once, upfront.)


(1) Just met an entrepreneur with a startup history? Plug his prior venture-backed company into the Bio search field and you've got a ready list of reference calls.
(2) Expand your co-investment horizons. Enter your sector specialty into the Bio field to find other investors in the space or run a regional search and introduce yourself to unfamiliar firms.

Limited Partners

(1) You're probably familiar with most of this universe, but it still makes sense to network. Run a Bio search on your alma mater, favorite non-profit, or your hobby and mine the result set.
(2) Identify staffing movement. Run a Bio search for this year or last to see who's bulking up with junior professionals and might be emerging manager investment potential.

Prospective VCs or Start-up Enthusiasts

(1) Follow the above tips for "Entrepreneurs Seeking Financing." Whether you're interested in an investment position or would like to join a hot startup, you'll want to identify relevant VCs with a warm lead-in. First, look local; second, find folks in the business with a mutual specialization or affiliation. Hit that Bio field.

Best of luck!

Feedback Form

Thanks for your interest in providing feedback. Please write below if (a) you have general recommendations or thoughts to share, (b) your firm's details are incorrect and/or you'd like to edit/add information for your firm, (c) your bio is outdated/incorrect, or (d) you would like to remove yourself or your firm from the database. Keep in mind that this application, including both its functionality and dataset, is a work in progress.


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